NEXFIL was founded in 2001 and has been making window films ever since. For more than 20 years, we have been committed to the research and manufacturing of automotive window film and PPF. High-end equipment and production experience make our development speed faster. Products sold in more than 60 countries and regions.


Magnetron sputtering

deep dyed base film

imported TPU

Production section

Imported Products

All products under the Nexfil brand are made in the United States and Korea and are truly imported.

Window Film

Nexfil window film are known for its high transparency, non-fading and stability in the market. We are still finding ways to improve and upgrade its heat-rejection capability and safety and UV protection abilities.


Imported TPU materials and coating formulations, proprietary mounting adhesive, enable us to manufacture better performance PPF. We also offer PPF in different thicknesses.

Building film

Commercial and residential window film: in the flat glass film section, we offer different films like heat-rejection film, decoration film, safety film, privacy-protection film. can also make films customized to customer’s demand.

Video Introduction

Nexfil History


PPF equipment

bought TPU base film producing equipment and made great breakthrough in PPF prodution


innovative equipment

Large dye PET production line put into operation. Build 300 Nexfil window film brand retail stores.


Sputtering technology

Brand name: The German imported 14-layer sputtering equipment is fully operational.


American branch

NEXFIL USA branch established. Won the 46th trade "Export over 10 billion Awards".


Multiple awards

Obtained ISO production certification and set up the second NEXFIL factory.


NEXFIL founded


Nexfil Ambition

  •  President Lee, the founder of Nexfil, has been working in the window film industry for more 30 years. He was a famous local window film distributor in Seoul area before setting up Nexfil. President Lee has his own ambition for Nexfil and has been investing heavily all these years for the advanced equipment and advanced production technology. To make Nexfil known to the world, Mr. Lee’s goal is to own the most advanced window film factory in the world.

  •  To promote the image of the Nexfil factory and brand names, Mr. Lee invited Mr. Kim Jin Pyo who is the famous local rapper director of ECSTA racing team, TV host of Top Gear to be the marketing image of Nexfil window film.

NEXFIL (Asia) Brand Operation Center