NEXFIL History

2022 Year

PPF equipment

bought TPU base film producing equipment and made great breakthrough in PPF prodution.


2019 Year

the large scale stable dye PET equipment has been put into operation. Nexfil signed the window film contract with BMW.

The German imported equipment has enable us to make film faster and better. The new machine also improves the transparency and weathering ability of our window film.


2016 Year

Sputtering technology

Brand name: The German imported 14-layer sputtering equipment is fully operational.


2015 Year

The introduction of German high-end metal magnetron sputtering production line

Multilayer precious metal magnetic coating can make the heat insulation performance better and longer lasting. NEXFIL's 14-target magnetic control unit represents Nexfil's entry into high technology production.


2014 Year

NEXFIL Europe was established in the Netherlands

For better service and expansion in Europe and overseas markets, NEXFIL Netherlands branch was established. In the same year, South Korean factories added high-speed production equipment.


2013 Year

Thirty million prize for winning the 50th Annual Trade Day "Export Billions of dollars."

The NEXFIL plant's export sales are increasing and its business is expanding rapidly.


2011 Year

Install high speed leading edge deposition film production equipment

NEXFIL continues to invest in equipment to improve quality and productivity.


2010 Year

Selected as KTL Group partner to obtain EPC certificate of UV hardened transparent heat insulation film.

NNEXFIL has been recognized by the government through its efforts to win the construction glass film cooperation project with the local government.


2009 Year

Won the 46th Trade Day "export billions of awards", the prize of $20 million. "Contribution to Knowledge and Economy" in the same year.

NEXFIL's export business continues to grow, contributing to Korea's export economy.


2008 Year

American branch

NEXFIL USA branch established. Won the 46th trade "Export over 10 billion Awards".


2006 Year

NEXFIL China branch was established

To develop and service the Asian market, China set up a goods storage, sales and service center.


2005 Year

Multiple awards

Obtained ISO production certification and set up the second NEXFIL factory in Korea.


2002-2003 Year

NEXFIL was selected as an excellent company and a leading exporter in Gyeonggi Province.

After two to three years of hard work, NEXFIL's products have been recognized and its export rate has increased rapidly.


2001 Year

NEXFIL founded

NEXFIL Co., Ltd. opened a factory in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province, Korea, and its products quickly entered many Asian markets and gained a good reputation for quality.



Business license


Place of origin

Inspection certificate

ISO9001 certificate

ISO14001 certificate

Nexfil Ambition

  •  President Lee, the founder of Nexfil, has been working in the window film industry for more 30 years. He was a famous local window film distributor in Seoul area before setting up Nexfil. President Lee has his own ambition for Nexfil and has been investing heavily all these years for the advanced equipment and advanced production technology. To make Nexfil known to the world, Mr. Lee’s goal is to own the most advanced window film factory in the world.

  •  To promote the image of the Nexfil factory and brand names, Mr. Lee invited Mr. Kim Jin Pyo who is the famous local rapper director of ECSTA racing team, TV host of Top Gearto be the marketing image of Nexfil window film.

NEXFIL (Asia) Brand Operation Center