UV400 HIGH HEAT INSULATION FILM blocks 430nm band of UV, to achieve UV skin protection function, and has nano high heat insulation, blocking more than 80% of the sunlight infrared heat energy, long lasting performance. PET color, with super clear and beautiful, sun does not fade.

UV400 blocks UV rays and protects skin

The UV400 and nano insulation technology produced in the PET base film provide longer protection against tanning and automotive interior.

Nano high insulation

Excellent nano high heat insulation technology, block heat energy, make driving more comfortable

Do not affect signal

Non-metallic high insulation technology to enjoy high insulation function at the same time, do not worry about the interference of electronic signals, unimpeded.

PET natural color

Adopt HD card PTE color technology, long time does not fade.

number VL T IR R UV R Thickness
NV70 70% 83% 100% 2miL
NV20 20% 83% 100% 2miL

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